Heidi Conway

Heidi is a home educating parent of 2 teen boys, both in the early stages of heading off into the world. She’s home educated them for about the last 8 years and believes in leveraging the natural interests and curiosity of children to expand their skills and knowledge. Heidi is also a fabulous and well respected coach for not only teens, but their parents as well. And she is on a mission to reduce the pain in the world by allowing young people to be their true selves. Her passion and skill is in transforming teens who are :

  • lost as to what to do for a career or further study;
  • refusing to learn;
  • showing signs of apathy, deception, rejection, confusion and boredom

to joyful teens now:

  • prepared for their future
  • focused
  • connected
  • engaged in their choices and interests
  • aligned to their passion and purpose with ease

This is done through her program, ‘The Changemaker Way™’. At the same time mothers are invited and supported to gain resources and be the further catalyst for this positive change and embark either in 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions with Heidi or join her and others mothers from around the world in a 90 Day group Coaching Program who ‘A Course in Raising Changemakers™️’

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