Gita Mateja de Laat

Mateja is a mother of three children who has been home-educating since they were born. She has an MA in History (University of Ljubljana), and later studied religions at the University of Amsterdam, where she lived for several years. Mateja and her husband moved back to Slovenia 19 years ago, where they still live today. Mateja and her sister have worked together to connect Slovene home educating parents, organising weekly gatherings where children could learn and play together, as well as facilitating monthly support meetings for parents. She also set up a website with information about home education for prospective home educators.

In 2018, Mateja co-founded an institute for the development of home education, and also published a book titled “Where do you go to School?”. Shortly thereafter she produced a handbook for parents about to home educate so that they will reach learning goals and academic standards prescribed by the state.

During the process of home educating her own children, Mateja has developed a teaching method she calls “Magic Tree” – through the heart into the hands and the head. Currently, Mateja regularly gives online lectures on home education and other related themes, such as socialisation, developmental psychology, different pedagogical approaches, history of home education etc, to the parents and teachers that are interested in these topics. At the request of Slovene media, she has also had the opportunity to share about home education to the Slovene public many times during the past 13 years.

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