Date Time Session Session
Friday 27 May 14h00 Welcome and Introduction - Juliet English
15h00 Keynote Address - Peter Gray
19h00 Unschooled Heuristic Outcomes – Bekkie Graham Practical Techniques to Empower Your Home Educatod child for Self Determination - Peter Berg
Saturday 28 May 10h00 Reading Research – What I learnt about learning – Dr Harriet Pattison Co-Creating an Education - Alice Khimasia
11h30 Education Unleashed: Why Learning Doesn’t Have to Look Anything Like School – Naomi Fisher Fear of the unusual and the Practice of Policy Based Evidence Making - Alison Sauer
14h00 Civil Liberties and Home Education – Randall Hardy TBC
15h30 “Why won’t my child….?” Understanding sensory processing and how it impacts daily home ed life – Anne Laure Overcoming Obstacles in Free Learning - Gayle Hanlon
19h00 Unschooling and Intrinsically Motivated Learning – Dr Gina Riley Transitioning to Home Educating / Unschooling … Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges - Stephanie Sewell
Sunday 29 May Conference Break Day - Prerecorded videos available to watch
Monday 30 May 10h00 The Benefits of Unschooling: Enabling your child to truly flourish and thrive – Heidi Steel Becoming An Inspiring Leader of Your Family - Julia Black
11h30 Going bold and proud in Morning Time - Alberta Stevens Moving from the school-defined margins - inclusion through home education - Sarah Gillie
14h00 The importance of learning – and of education ‘otherwise’ – Ian Cunningham Becoming an advocate in your own neighborhood - Brittany Burton
15h30 Flourishing Education in practice – confessions of a reformed teacher – Fabienne Vailes Local Authority Do's and Don'ts - Alison Sauer and Wendy Charles-Warner
19h00 The making of “Home Education Documentary” – meet the film-makers Preparing Learners for the World of Work: Why the System Fails & What to do Instead - Jenn Sutherland-Miller/Lea Jovy-Ford
Tuesday 31 May 10h00 Unleash your creative superpowers – and raise an innovative child – Ortal Green Home Educating an Adopted Child - Molly Ashton, Sian Lowe
11h30 From Contention to Connection – Heidi Conway Home Ed Dads - Michael Reeve, Sean McDougall
14h00 The writing of "Another Way to Learn" - meet the contributors Overcoming through Home Education - how a freak accident changed our lives - Nicola Leyland
15h30 Official Closing and Thanks
19h00 A way forward - Understanding the political process and how we can take action to influence it - panel discussion/interactive session
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